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Fall Protection

Whether you know a little bit about fall protection or nothing at all, we can help you understand everything you need to know to stay safe while working at heights. Our BC NCSO-Approved fall protection user course is taught by certified trainers who do a great job of delivering the content and helping participants understand the material. 

The 3-year expiry is not a regulatory requirement (no matter what anyone else tells you). This is an industry best practice.

We budget for a full day of training. This isn’t a quick “put on a harness, then go home” course. It is a diligent training session.

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Topics Covered
  • OHS Regulation Part 11 – Fall Protection
  • CSA/ANSI standards
  • Hierarchy of fall protection systems
  • Fall protection equipment
  • Fall protection plan & employer requirements
  • Fall protection equipment capabilities & limitations
  • Harness fitting workshop
  • Fall distance calculations
  • Fall protection system analysis or setup
  • Harness suspension (optional)

Keeping people working at heights safe

Before working at heights, it is important to know how to properly identify potential hazards and select the appropriate means to protect yourself. At Haland Learning, we want to help you stay as safe as possible. That is why our fall protection user course focuses on teaching the concepts needed to ensure that anyone working at heights can think critically about the task at hand and make the best decision for the current situation.

We care about learning accessibility. Our fall protection user course has been reviewed by a third party to assess the English level required to successfully participate and complete the course, as well as suggestions on how to improve accessibility. Our team is continuing to work on improving our courses accessibility to allow more people to participate and understand important information about fall protection.

  • Reading—This course requires a reading level of CLB-8-9
  • Writing—This course requires a writing level of CLB 4
Frequently Asked Questions

It is helpful (but not mandatory) if the student has a full body harness that fits. If you’re taking the online course, you could bring:

  • Lanyard
  • Anchor Connector suitable for the type of work you do, and
  • Measuring tape

If you’re taking the in-person course, no equipment or special PPE is required.

The online training is essentially the same as the in-person training in almost every way. The ONE thing we cannot do in the online version is the harness suspension (which is optional anyway).

We host the online course through an online platform (e.g. Zoom).

Materials get shipped to the students prior to class. Shipped items will come with a prepaid return shipping label for returning gear after the class.

  • Fall Protection User Manual
  • Damaged Equipment for the inspection activity
  • Harness, Lanyard, and Anchor connector suitable for the work being done. THIS IS ONLY if the student does not already have this equipment on hand. This is an equipment LOAN to help the student have the best quality training materials available.

The certification card and hard had sticker will be mailed to the student (or client/employer) upon successful completion of the course, and RECEIPT of returned gear.

Students must have a computer (NOT just a smartphone), a private area while attending class and a high speed, stable internet connection.

Many safety courses are dry, not relevant, and boring. Really boring. If it’s not the course material, it’s the instructor. Some agencies believe they can talk AT you for hours and that you’ll somehow learn all the stuff.

We know from 20+ years of experience + current adult instructional knowledge this approach is woefully inadequate.

Every topic in the class is there for a reason. Each topic will have some type of activity the participants DO/INTERACT WITH in order to develop or confirm learning.

In summary… our courses are NOT boring. While it won’t be like going to Disneyland, participants will find themselves being engaged throughout the day, and they WILL learn something.

No. Sorry. Here’s why…
  • Money. If there are 10 students in the market, with 7 needing the full course, and 3 needing the recert course… we’d have to run two training sessions, and we couldn’t justify running a session for only 3 people (or we’d go out of business).
  • Quality. About 3/4 of the requests we get for recert training is from people that took fall protection from a different provider. Given there are no universally applied  standards for fall protection training, it’s very likely the person didn’t learn the stuff we would’ve taught in the first place. Refreshing on something you never learned… doesn’t work.
  • Time. We (Haland) only have so much horsepower. Every course takes effort to create, launch, and keep updated. We have to focus our energy where we get the most return. Recert training isn’t it.
  • Overconfidence. Most students vastly overestimate how much they know from previous training. It becomes readily apparent they forgot 95% of what was learned 3 years ago. Doing a 1/2 day version would be a disservice to them.



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Kuan-Jian Foo, Viridian Energy Co-Operative
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Haland Learning provides top notch education and training that has helped our organization stay safe and knowledgeable when working at heights. I highly recommend working with Haland learning for your training needs. Cameron is super knowledgeable, humble, and approachable making connections with all the attendees in the group which ensures the best learning environment. In addition, the latest COVID-19 Safety protocols are top notch keeping everyone safe while training. Thank you!
Mary Jo Wilson
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Haland Learning offers a comprehensive Fall Protection course that measures up to the serious consequences of work at heights. The course balances theory, assessment, application, equipment selection and practice, that is extensive, logical, and engaging. Instruction, presentation, and materials are clear and sequenced such that no student is left behind. It was a pleasure to attend - outstanding!