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Confined Space Training

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Confined Space

This one-day class provides the basic information for students to work as a standby, or an entrant in low to moderate risk confined spaces.

Additional training would be required for fall protection equipment, entry tripod and rescue equipment and specialized monitor training if applicable

The 3-year expiry is not a regulatory requirement (no matter what anyone else tells you). This is an industry best practice.

We budget for a full day of training. This isn’t a quick “put on a harness, then go home” course. It is a diligent training session.

Topics Covered
  • Identifying confined space
  • Atmospheric and physical hazards
  • Confined space hazard assessment requirements
  • Isolation and lockout
  • Air monitoring
  • Recovery and rescue methods
  • Inerting, purging, and ventilation



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Kuan-Jian Foo, Viridian Energy Co-Operative
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Haland Learning provides top notch education and training that has helped our organization stay safe and knowledgeable when working at heights. I highly recommend working with Haland learning for your training needs. Cameron is super knowledgeable, humble, and approachable making connections with all the attendees in the group which ensures the best learning environment. In addition, the latest COVID-19 Safety protocols are top notch keeping everyone safe while training. Thank you!
Mary Jo Wilson
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Haland Learning offers a comprehensive Fall Protection course that measures up to the serious consequences of work at heights. The course balances theory, assessment, application, equipment selection and practice, that is extensive, logical, and engaging. Instruction, presentation, and materials are clear and sequenced such that no student is left behind. It was a pleasure to attend - outstanding!