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“I thought the course was very informative and interesting. It was a relaxed atmosphere and Cam has some really good teaching techniques.”
~ Roger Amour

“The FALL PROTECTION Training program is professionally designed. The logical sequence keep the knowledge flow easy to comprehend for all participants. The smooth transition from theory to practical activities keep the participants appreciate the pragmatic focus of the whole training. Especially for us trainers, it’s an appropriate guidance as we conduct our own training in our respective companies. KUDOS to Cam!”
~ Edzel Escala

“Had a chance to take the Instructor Training Program with Haland Learning Inc. nicely executed and designed by Cameron Hacault. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking to update on Fall Pro knowledge or if someone is thinking about increasing their teaching skills and learning abilities this is a must to take. Ke kept the clase moving and time there just flies…”
~ Ricardo Amaro

“I just completed the Fall Protection Instructor Program with Haland Learning Inc. The course was well laid out and executed. The learning pace was excellent, and the content was in-depth. This course is of great value!!”
~ Geoff McKay

“Just finished the Fall protection user and instructor course, and wow was it a fantastic experience. It’s given me the confidence and knowledge to deliver and instruct the material in the best way possible with all the resources and support that Cam had offered to us. It was also a fun class!

Highly recommend taking any courses through Haland Learning, Cam truly cares about his students and his training programs. Thanks again!”
~ Josh W

“I found the online Fall Protection course a very practical and successful program. The convenience of being able to work from home or office is important these days. The class interaction was still present and better controlled than open classes. I can see this being a step forward in getting training to larger areas where courses are not always practical or available. As a First Aid instructor and previous safety instructor I will look into the possibility of pursuing this career path again.”
~ Sindi Chapman

“Cameron led myself and co-worker through the Joint OHS training and it was great! Although it was done virtually, Cameron made it fun and engaging with lots of activities. Would highly recommend!”
~ Nicola Sison

“I did not attend the course but of the three or so companies I called that offered this same program, Cameron was the most personable and his website was really easy to navigate. I would recommend him to anyone looking for Fall Arrest Training or any of the other programs they have to offer.”
~ Heidi Jackson

“Cameron Hacault designed the Fall Protection course for Burnaby Community and Continuing Education. His work is detailed, thoughtful, and works to build engagement in his students. Cameron is exceptional in his area of expertise and I would strongly recommend him for teaching Fall Protection or if you are looking to build courses in Occupational Health and Safety.”
~ Elixa Neumann

“I recently took the Fall Protection Instructors course through Haland Learning. Not only was this course in-depth on the documentation, liability and safety components required to be a successful trainer in this field, but it also has a focus on effective teaching methods and the more human side that is needed to be a great teacher! Most companies that offer similar courses really lack in this area.

Also, the training & certification materials that are provided for both the instructor and end users are the best I’ve seen. They really set-up new instructors for success.

Great job Cam & Nicola!!!!!”
~ Devin MacIver

“If your company is looking for good fall protection training – look elsewhere. IF your company is looking for an EXCELLENT program to teach your employees, then Cam Hacault of Haland Learning is the one who should teach your trainers.

Cam not only teaches all the required CSA Fall Protection criteria, but he also teaches your trainers how to train the curriculum. Cam teaches how to present the information, how to deal with different learning types, and how to handle different personalities.

Haland Learning ensures that your trainer will have an excellent program to teach. You are investing in your people and their safety; you need the best program I’ve come across.”
~ Brian Williams (WSB Titan)

“Cam is knowledgeable and easy to work with. We do all our ladder training with him! Thanks for keeping us safe.”
~ Elliott James

“The instructor course I had taken with Cameron Hacault and his company Haland Learning Inc. was a professionally developed curriculum that allowed me to confidently deliver fall protection training to my students within my organization. The continuing support has been excellent.”
~ Ron Adamson (OPCMIA local 919)

“I took Haland Learning’s Fall Protection Instructor Program.

Cameron Hacault and his company, Haland Learning, really want to make a difference. The course curriculum developed by Haland Learning is extremely user-friendly, and relevant to all levels of the workforce; the new/green worker or an experienced supervisor. His teaching style is hands-on, interactive, and real-life. The knowledge and experience that Mr. Hacault brings to the classroom from the outside world, is relatable to the course objectives.”
~ Alyn Jones (Triple J Pipelines)

“Great learning juncture! Cam is a seasoned instructor with lots of passion for safety and corporate development. I would recommend Haland Learning to organizations seeking cultural transformation.”
~ Yasser Mourad

“Cameron is good at what he does. He managed to keep the training interesting and engaging for the entire training period which is no mean feat. He also ensured that the critical content of the training was well retained by confirming knowledge at regular intervals.”
~ Damola Akinola

“I highly recommend providing safety training through Haland Learning. Cameron is a very knowledgeable and engaging course instructor, and one of the most effective teachers I have had for job-related training. He provides a safe and comfortable learning environment, is able to adapt his course to the group as he teaches, and effectively encourages student participation and discussion.”
~ Yulia P

“I loved Cameron’s style of facilitating the training workshop which I recently attended with Haland Learning Inc. He was engaging and was able to share the concepts in easy to comprehend manner. Inspite of 2 full days of training, it felt like a breeze.”
~ Kush Mahajan

“If you want someone to teach you who actually cares about the process and the result, then this is the place to go. Cameron killed it.”
~ Brandon Webb

“Haland Learning offers a comprehensive Fall Protection course that measures up to the serious consequences of work at heights. The course balances theory, assessment, application, equipment selection and practice, that is extensive, logical and engaging. Instruction, presentation and materials are clear and sequenced such that no student is left behind. It was a pleasure to attend – outstanding!”
~ Mary Wilson

“Haland Learning provides top notch education and training that has helped our organization stay safe and knowledgeable when working at heights. I highly recommend working with Haland learning for your training needs. Cameron is super knowledgeable, humble and approachable making connections with all the attendees in the group which ensures the best learning environment. In addition, the latest COVID-19 Safety protocols are top notch keeping everyone safe while training. Thank you!”
~ Kuan-Jian Foo

“Cam gave very good instruction, He had an Excellent approach to get everyone engaged and at the same time made the class fun.”
~ Tyler Calderaro

“Working with Cam was great, the course was well structured and he was able to make learning about safety an enjoyable experience.”
~ Savannah Greer

“Working with Cameron was an absolute pleasure. He provided training not only for my Safety Committee but also for workers located on the island. He is knowledgeable, has a great personality and is able to make safety an enjoyable conversation. I am looking forward to a very long working relationship with Haland Learning.”
~ Tamara Camara

“Cam is an elite trainer with the ability to develop and deliver training that engages a student to maximize their learning potential. Cam and I have been friends and have worked together for the past 7 to 8 years, and I would highly recommend him as a trainer and safety professional.”
~ Perry Harvey

“Cam delivered our Joint OHS Committee training in Victoria earlier this year. I really appreciated his style of instruction, he made what could have been a very boring subject fun!”
~ Jonathan Unger

“I thought the course was excellent and very well done.”
~ Perry Rutten

“I attended the Fall Protection User Training one day class. Very thorough and I was happy with the experience. I would recommend Haland Learning to others.”
~ Ang P.

“Highly recommend Cam. He was organized, professional and the perfect amount of casual for our tech office. He facilitated our Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee training in our downtown Victoria office.

The training offered a great mix between interactive exercises and self-directed learning. It was not an 8-hour day of powerpoint slides – thankfully.

Very happy with the training. Thanks Cam!”
~ Michelle Sadler

“BCCSA has worked with Cam on a number of projects and initiatives. He’s been instrumental in developing our TCP training and has played a big part in implementing a QA system for our COR auditor program. My personal experience is that he’s forthcoming, to the point, efficient and timely in his execution of projects. A pleasure to work with. Would do it again without hesitation.”
~ Mike Mckenna

“I’ve worked with Cameron on many training-related projects over the last 10 years.

He has delivered Fall Protection training as well as designed and delivered Safety Committee training for 250+ employees in a conference-style training session.

In my dealings with Cameron, I have found him to be very professional, well-spoken and he always displays a wealth of technical knowledge in the training that he is facilitating. His instructional design and delivery skills are a more modern approach that utilizes more student participation which brings a higher level of engagement to the course he is instructing.

I would recommend him for any training and instructional design gaps that your organization may have.”
~ Jesse Santos

“Excellent Instruction, friendly class environment.”
~ Debby Bolt

“I have worked with Cam on and off for 6 years now. Cam was our first external auditor and then later our fall protection program creator and train the trainer. Cam is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. He provided so much guidance and insight into the auditing process that was instrumental in my training and in the success I had in my role. The fall protection program developed was specific to the work we do and Cam was able to create a system to train our trainers on a go-forward basis that is tailored to our wide geographic footprint. Following his work on our fall protection plan, it became a conflict of interest to have him as our auditor but we still keep in touch and he is even featured in the official BCCSA COR auditor training program. I recommend Cam to anybody looking to improve their program and improve themselves as safety personnel.”
~ Maggie Hyatt

“We recently hired Haland to do a fall protection course for our roofing team. Cam did a great job of mixing in the technical info with hands on learning for those in the course.

Overall great job, would definitely repeat and recommend to any contractor/company looking to keep their safety program up to date.”
~ Bryan Perrin

“Cam delivered a Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee training course for our committee of 7 people in Victoria. Cam does a great job of keeping the attendees engaged. It’s not the usual PowerPoint slideshow that puts everyone to sleep! He kept it light and let us take breaks when we wanted them.

I think the retention of information from this course is going to be a lot higher than slideshow or online driven training. Cam’s training style ensures that everyone is participating.”
~ Eric Ulrich

“We hired Haland Learning to teach a Fall Protection course for the workers in our business. We were very pleased with the experience as a whole.

Cam brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject. He does his course very professionally while keeping things fun and filled with humour. Feedback from the attendees was great, they enjoyed his course, were not bored and seem to learn quite a bit about the subject.

Would highly recommend Cam and Haland Learning to anyone looking for safety training.”
~ Kyle Gordon

“Great service at a reasonable price.”
~ Trent Pryor