the Safety Collective

Safety. First Aid. Training

Three local business partnering to deliver the best service!

Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island…

Our companies have joined resources to bring you the best of Safety Consulting, Safety Training, and First Aid Services in BC. We consist of Carbon Safety Solutions (Nanaimo), Medix (Duncan), and Haland Learning (Coquitlam).

Carbon Safety Solutions


Contractor Safety
Hazard/Risk Assessment
Regulatory Compliance
Safety Programs.


First Aid

CSO Personnel
First Aid Services
First Aid Supplies
First Aid Restock
First Aid Training
Fall Protection Training

Haland Learning


Confined Space
Fall Protection
First Aid Training (OFA 1)
Instructor Training (Fall Pro)
Joint OHS Committee
Mobile Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just one company, or what?

No. We’re 3 fully independent companies that happen to know, like, and trust each other. We believe we’re stronger when working in cooperation rather than competition.

How would we work with you?

If you’re calling Medix and you only need services that Carbon provides, we may go one of two ways:

  1. Work through Medix, or
  2. Refer you directly to Carbon.

In either case, it’s collaborative and (we’re hoping) as convenient for our clients as possible.

Ok, let’s do this.

You want training, you trust us to get the job done and you want to get started. Book us right now for a public or private class, or if those don’t work, feel free to just get in touch!

Public Class

View our training calendar for upcoming dates for the fall protection user course.

Private Class

You can have us deliver learning for your crew for the fall protection user course or other courses.

Get in Touch

If you’d like custom training or consulting and the first two options don’t fit, get in touch.