Why do I have to buy student licenses?

1. You don’t. Well. almost. Aside from the initial set of licenses as part of the instructor training program, there is no obligation to purchase any more.

2. But… if you do, this program is built around delivering our proprietary Fall Protection User course. As such, we must ensure the quality and consistency of training materials.

License sales also help us fund improvement of the existing course.

For what it’s worth, we have invested well over 500 hours into developing this program, AND we use our regular instruction of the Fall Protection User course as our learning laboratory. This means our course evolves from year to year to keep up with:

  • OHS Regulatory changes and incident statistics
  • CSA Standards changes
  • Best practices for learning activities
  • Ways to improve the learner experience

We currently have a budget of another 100 hours + $20,000 to further improve this specific course over the next 12 months.

Authorized instructors get access to these improvements without having to spend a single minute of their own time on development.