Why can’t I just teach my own Fall Protection course?

You can.

The certification issued by Haland Learning supports your delivery of this program. If you carried on teaching using 100% of your own material afterward, it would have no connection to Haland Learning Inc.

That being said, there is no prescriptive requirement (in the BC OHS Regulation, the Workers Compensation Act, or the CSA Standards) stating that ANY fall protection instructor training is required to teach this information to others. If a provider tries to convince you otherwise, they’re ignorant or lying. Neither is good.

If you choose to deliver your own program, we won’t try to stop you. Consider that you’d have to develop your own training materials, your training may not be recognized by the industry, and that if something went wrong you would have to defend your actions in court.

It comes down to Risk Perception vs. Risk Tolerance.

Our Fall Protection User course is accredited as an NCSO Approved course. All our instructors delivering our training are now automatically approved as well. No effort was expended from our instructors in order for them to be recognized. Getting accredited was no small task.