What about other providers?

There are a few other organizations offering a Fall Protection Instructor program. Of course, you should do your diligence and assess all options before making an informed decision.

Some things to ask the other providers (we’ll answer each question to give you a comparison)

How focused is the training on British Columbia requirements?

Our program is built AROUND the BC regulation. No Alberta, Not Ontario… just BC.


How much time in the course is dedicated to giving instructor candidates time to instruct?

Each instructor will get 2 hours of actual teaching time in our program.

Not 0 minutes, not 5 or 15 minutes. 2 hours, at least. We ladder their skillset after each lesson plan delivery and provide real-life tools for instructors to improve their abilities. The final lesson plan delivery is virtually unrecognizable from the first because of this conscious skill development.

Each candidate is treated in accordance with their abilities. An experienced trainer would get much different feedback than a new candidate. In both cases, they learn useful tools.


Are there annual fees required in order to maintain permission to use the program?
No. There is a $0 annual cost for the organization or the instructor. The only costs are student licenses.


How often is the material refined and improved?

Our course undergoes draft improvements on a weekly basis. These improvements culminate in a next version that generally gets published annually. We launched V3.2 in November 2020. V3.3 should be out by November 2021 (which works out well for timing, because WorkSafeBC issues their annual statistics report in October, and we update our course each year with this information).


Do phone and email messages get promptly answered?
We do. We are a small business. If we don’t answer the phone, our family doesn’t eat.


Are you made to feel like your business is valued?
We do. You and your company are not a number. We are dedicated to your success and look forward to working with you.