How does the online training work?

The online training is essentially the same as the in-person training in almost every way. The ONE thing we cannot do in the online version is the harness suspension (which is optional anyway).

We host the online course through an online platform (e.g. Zoom).

Materials get shipped to the students prior to class. Shipped items will come with a prepaid return shipping label for returning gear after the class.

  • Fall Protection User Manual
  • Damaged Equipment for the inspection activity
  • Harness, Lanyard, and Anchor connector suitable for the work being done. THIS IS ONLY if the student does not already have this equipment on hand. This is an equipment LOAN to help the student have the best quality training materials available.

The certification card and hard had sticker will be mailed to the student (or client/employer) upon successful completion of the course, and RECEIPT of returned gear.

Students must have a computer (NOT just a smartphone), a private area while attending class and a high speed, stable internet connection.